• SmartLanguage
    Entertaining way to absorb English.
    • Fastest way how to learn English language
    • It works for everyone
    • Absolutely natural method of learning
  • Traveler's phrasebook
    The use of foreign languages in all countries
    • Enables you to speak anywhere in the world
    • You no longer need individual travel guides
    • 22 languages cover 31 topics (~600 sentences)
  • Pub English
    • It teaches you the right pronunciation
    • It makes the dictionary useless
    • It forces you to think in English
    Pub English
  • Seducing in English
    Flirt, dating and sex!
    • Full of the unique, rich vocabulary
    • It will teach you how to flirt in English
    • This course is based on the Imitum® method
    Spicy English
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... a better life


The name of the Euvit company was created as a composite of two words - eu and vit. For a short, precise and unique expression we were looking for inspiration mainly in Greek and Latin. The word's roots come from the Greek εὖ - eu "good, better" (eg. Euthanasia, εὐθανασία), and Latin vita "life". Euvit therefore means "a better life" and that is also the company's slogan and mission.

Euvit… a better life - we hope to help in contribution to a better life for all our customers, employees and business partners.

Although Euvit, s.r.o. has only been on the market since 2010, its team of specialists have many years of experience in information technologies, electronic education and language instruction from projects implemented in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Our mission is to provide better language skills and thus also better communication between people. The goal is to make learning foreign languages easier and more enjoyable for people. We have combined scientific findings from linguistics, psychology and neurology with modern multimedia technologies to develop the Imitum® method.

Based on our testing and the experience of our customers, we venture to claim that Imitum can teach English to truly anyone ‐ regardless of talent.
The Imitum method has already been discovered and tried more than 5 million people worldwide.