online by the Imitum® method

The English online

The English online projects represents a collection of online courses that can be studied on a computer or laptop connected to the internet. These courses are for all autodidacts who need to learn English language well or want to perfect their current English skills. All of these courses have been prepared using the Imitum method – that is learning without cramming.

The Imitum method

This method is based on a natural method of learning by imitation (Latin imitatio = imitation). According to scientific findings, this method is much more effective than traditional memorization of vocabulary and grammar. Imitum teaches languages using the same way that children use to learn their native languages. This is why Imitum method is able to teach a foreign language to truly anyone. This method teaches you how to speak and understand English, and even how to think in English.

Online courses

All of these courses have been prepared by native speakers. The content of the individual lessons cover various real-life situations. The instruction is thus entertaining as well as practical.

An English conversation course covers all important topics from introductions, through to a first date, to all the way to an argumenting between spouses! Bonus lessons focus on pronunciation and irregular verbs. More information on www.anglictina-bez-biflovani.cz.
A course focused on working meetings, project management, telephoning and business correspondence, personal development and more.
Is an online course for pupils of elementary schools. The course extends the knowledge gained in the classroom and reinforces correct pronunciation. Children hear only native speakers in the course. It is added to this course a bonus content with a special set of lessons with such vocabulary that children can find helpful when learning to use a computer or playing computer games.